Northern New Jersey Newborn Session

New Jersey Newborn PhotographerNew Jersey Newborn PhotographerNew Jersey Newborn PhotographerNew Jersey Newborn Photographer

Northern NJ Newborn Photography

Sweet Newborn Photography Session Morris County, New Jersey


NJ Newborn Photography

Northern NJ Newborn Photographer

NJ Newborn PhotographerNorthern NJ Newborn PhotographerNorthern NJ Newborn Photographer

First Holy Communion Photo Shoot - Northern New Jersey

This photo shot is from this past Spring. I wanted to share it even tough it is now fall! Having a baby and balancing family with a business is not easy. So here I am catching up on blogging. I have known this beautiful girl for several years now and love watching her grow up. She was delightful to photograph and very excited about her special day.

1st Holy Communion Photo Shoot


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OH BOY! I am way behind on blogging my sessions. I am being totally honest.  

The school year is exhausting. Anyone else feel that way?  Although at times, I felt as if I would not survive the organized chaos parenting brings on, I did it. And my clients were awesome!


Stay tuned.

Spring is here!.....?.....maybe on its way?

  There is no doubt that this past winter has been brutal on everyone. Not only have the children suffered major cabin fever, but their parents, eh hem, yours truly, are exhausted. The sun has shown its face, yet there is still a brutal wind that accompanies it on most days. As I type I am watching the trees sway viciously back and forth, while my rose plants look like they will blow off the balcony. The weather is completely out of control!

So we wait. We will wait for the warmth. We can wait for the wind to cease, the sun to shine and the cicada bugs to buzz. Because in my book, that means summer! Maybe we will just skip right over spring!

While we wait I updated my Facebook banner with a newborn theme. There have been a ton of babies born lately and this makes me think Spring. What do you think? You can see it below or here at Christine Wans Photography Facebook Page!



Finally, I get to Photograph a Newborn Girl!

For some reason, 2013 was full of boys. I only Photographed 2 newborn girls. Yup the entire 12 months I only photographed 2!! Boys on the other hand were a plenty. I am thankful for all my clients and feel confident I mastered photographing boys. After all I have two boys of my very own who are on the go at all times. They are super active and it has lead me to be ready for that outdoor shoot, where a toddler wants to run......and run :)

Here are a few of my boys! You can see more on Christine Wans Photography's  Facebook page.

New Jersey Family Photographer - Jersey Shore Session September 2013

Everyone loves the Jersey Shore. This year was extra special as our beloved landmark was battered by the harshness of Mother Nature in October of 2012. Here is a family session with one mother and her girls. It was a beautiful day on Labor Day weekend - nearly a year after Hurricane Sandy left most of Long Beach Island destroyed. Thanks to a ton of man power the dunes are back and our photo session took place. Check out this trio!  



Switching Websites

Yikes - switching websites is tough work. Especially when it is during a busy photography season and life is throwing new adventures everyday.  

I mean seriously Kindergarten already?? They were not joking when claiming the early years fly by - they do, almost in a blink of an eye.

NJ Child Photographer - Morris County NJ April Session 2013

This little boy (who did not want to stop running) had on a suit his uncle wore over 30 years ago! He was so sweet and full of smiles. This session was a lot of fun as his mother and I went to high school together! We had not seen each other since - NO I will not tell you how many years ago that was. It was was so nice to see her face and her little boy. These are the best sessions.  Incorporating special items that have unique meaning is a great way to create special images. I loved photographing him as he reminded me of my boys when they were a bit smaller.

Newborn Photo Shoot Northern New Jersey May 2013

Image As a photographer a newborn baby can be challenging to photograph. A number of factors come into play - more so than with older children - and can cause major anxiety. As my nerves were starting to get the best of me, I realized doubting myself would never get me anywhere. In the beginning, when first starting a business, so many folks will doubt you. This doesn't matter - you just cannot doubt yourself. Confidence is so important. The second I doubt myself I lose my edge. So needless to say, photographing this sweet newborn was amazing. She must of known I needed some encouragement as she slept peacefully as I posed her and changed props. I am over the moon with how her shoot came out and here is a little peek. Also this baby was 3 weeks old - a tad old for newborn photography - but a superb model anyway


Every woman should have a Boudoir shoot

Final-10Every woman wants to be photographed in their undies, right? Well some women do, but think it is a far-fetched idea that would never happen. But why?

Like most things in society, there is still a taboo attached to this kind of photography. A woman in sultry poses and sexy lingerie still unfortunately gets a bad rap, even if the photos are strictly meant for her partner's eyes - even just for herself.

However, many women find a boudoir style photo shoot empowering. Yes, I said empowering. It allows a woman to let her guard down and imagine herself as beautiful as she truly is. Stepping out of the yoga pants and Uggs and into something lacy can be very satisfying for even the most timid woman.

Particularly after becoming a mother, women lose themselves. Actually we lose everything. We lose our freedom, our pre-baby bodies, our husbands, our homes....the list goes on and on.

Of course children become the focus - and rightfully so. We love them, adore them and dedicate ourselves entirely to them. But what about us? Do you buy that amazing shampoo your hairdresser uses or opt for whatever your child is screaming for because you know it will bring the brightest and most delightful smile across their face?

This is just one of the many sacrifices we make. SO why not find ourselves as women again? Because that would mean shaving, losing 25 lbs. and finding a babysitter who will give you some money to pay the photographer.

I get it, it is hard to make the time, money and option available. But the next time you stress what to get your husband or partner for their birthday, think how nice a little black box of private photos would be in their nightstand drawer. Ok, if you have kids of walking age,then the photos should be hidden in a very safe place.

Consider it, because even the woman who feels the most unattractive is someone's true love whether they are laced with stretch marks or an extra saddle bag or two.