Northern New Jersey Maternity Photography Session

This sweet young couple are expecting their first baby boy this July! As soon as I met Kat & Jan, I could feel the strength in their relationship. As beautiful a couple they make, they were also very kind. You could see it in their body language, in their voice, even in the early moments of the shoot where Kat was a bit nervous.

In no time, she loosened up and I got to capture some beautiful moments of Mom & Dad before their little guy arrived. These photo are memories they will have forever, and never fade.


Northern New Jersey Maternity Photography Session - Christine Wans PhotographyNorthern New Jersey Maternity Photography Session - Christine Wans PhotographyNorthern New Jersey Maternity Photography Session - Christine Wans PhotographyNorthern New Jersey Maternity Photography Session - Christine Wans Photography

Northern New Jersey Maternity Photographer - August 2013

Take a look at this lovely couple. They really were lovely - I do not just say that. Expecting their first child in October, they informed me that a boy was on the way. All babies are wonderful, but I do have a soft spot for newborn boys. * You can see their  NEWBORN photos here!

NJ Maternity Photographer

Northern New Jersey Maternity Session - January 2014

I am sure you have read it before, but when I say that I LOVE photographing pregnant women, I really mean it. First of all, it gives a refreshing take on family portraits. I get to direct a woman to move around the light to capture her beauty in the best form. It also gives me a break from tickling little ones or imiatating fart noises to get them to laugh (Although it never gets old or un-funny!). Check out this mama. She is expecting a girl. This is her second child as she already has a boy. This session was unique that her older child was not a toddler or giggly preschooler. It was challenging to capture their love, but I did it and feel it is apparent below!

NJ Maternity Photographer

New Jersey Maternity Photographer - Northern NJ Maternity Session August 2013

I absolutely love a pregnant woman. There is a beauty that comes along with being pregnant that I am envious of. There is truly a glow and during this maternity photo session in Northern N.J., it was apparent. Melissa and Eric are expecting their first child and the excitement in their eyes was easily seen during their photo shoot. I am looking forward to photographing their little guy when he is born!

New Jersey Newborn Photographer - PA Newborn Lifestyle Session July 2013

This little guy was very interested in what the world has in store for him. He was mostly awake during our photo shoot and slowly drifted off towards the end, allowing for some sleepy shots. He is very sweet with the most intense eyes that can stare right through you. His siblings were always close by, so he probably kept his eyes open to make sure he was not missing out on any "lessons" from the big kids!

This newborn is very special to me as I photographed his mama's maternity session and his birth! Almost makes me want to have another.......almost.