First Holy Communion - Morris County, New Jersey Photographer

I love shooting First Communions. The simple reason is , that the center of attention is just old enough to follow small instructions on posing and are usually full of excitement for their big day. 

These two ingredients always make for a wonderful session. Followed up by younger siblings who are just so eager to get in front of the same spotlight as their older sibling........ we all win! Parents get a ton of great shots of everyone in their Sunday bet and I experience happy children of loving families!

For this Communion Photo Shoot, we stayed home and shot in their beautiful home. Full of large windows and cool neutral tones, I felt like it was my very own studio (complete with an outdoor space).

Our painless session was over in an hour or so, then off the family went to witness their daughter receive the holy sacrament of Communion for the first time!

Here are just a few of my favorites!

New Jersey Family & Child Photographer - Outdoor Fall Sessiom

Sometimes, capturing images of a little one is tough. Let's be honest, not many children enjoy sitting still. I don't even like to sit still! Even if they do still still, getting a natural smile that their parents know and love can be a challenge. This however is just part of the business and a common issue  I handle with during photo shoots. Sometimes, though there is a child that is so easy to work with, I think to myself, "Is this for real? Where are the hidden cameras?"

A sparkling soul, this young girl was a natural. From her glowing smile to her willingness to trust me upon just meeting me, was impressive.

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NJ Child Photographer

New Jersey Child Photographer

New Jersey Child Photographer

New Jersey Child Photographerr

New Jersey Child Photographer

New Jersey Child Photographer


Happy Fall - Northern N.J. Photography Child & Family Session

Fall is my favorite time to photograph families & children. Well, maybe Spring is..... Ok, I just love every season.

New Jersey Child Photographer

New Jersey Child Photographer

New Jersey Child Photographer

New Jersey Child Photographer

Fall Child & Family Photographer

What I do love to do the most is photograph good friends and their children. Just take a look you can see the love in their images. I have even photographed the youngest as a newborn! Seriously children grow so fast.

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Fall Family Photo session

Happy First Year!

As  parent, I love shooting milestone birthdays like a first birthday. What is especially wonderful is when the client, is a tiny little toddler who I once photographed as a newborn! It signifies so much more than just their first birthday. For their parents it signifies an exciting year of learning, growing, struggling and accomplishments. For the child, it is a much more oblivious accomplishment.

For myself, it means a client is returning. Meaning what I am providing is important, meaningful and valued. All the headaches of running a business go away when I see little guy's face light up. It is all worth it.

New Jersey Photographer