First Holy Communion - Morris County, New Jersey Photographer

I love shooting First Communions. The simple reason is , that the center of attention is just old enough to follow small instructions on posing and are usually full of excitement for their big day. 

These two ingredients always make for a wonderful session. Followed up by younger siblings who are just so eager to get in front of the same spotlight as their older sibling........ we all win! Parents get a ton of great shots of everyone in their Sunday bet and I experience happy children of loving families!

For this Communion Photo Shoot, we stayed home and shot in their beautiful home. Full of large windows and cool neutral tones, I felt like it was my very own studio (complete with an outdoor space).

Our painless session was over in an hour or so, then off the family went to witness their daughter receive the holy sacrament of Communion for the first time!

Here are just a few of my favorites!

First Holy Communion Photo Shoot - Northern New Jersey

This photo shot is from this past Spring. I wanted to share it even tough it is now fall! Having a baby and balancing family with a business is not easy. So here I am catching up on blogging. I have known this beautiful girl for several years now and love watching her grow up. She was delightful to photograph and very excited about her special day.

1st Holy Communion Photo Shoot


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