Northern N.J. Newborn Photography Session - April 2014

The wonderful thing about newborns, is that they arrive when they are good and ready. While some babies wait until well past their 40 week stay, some babies arrive early. This newborn boy decided to come earth side a bit earlier than expected. Fortunately both Mama and baby were nice and healthy and eagerly awaiting their newborn photo shoot!

A sweet little sleepy guy, this guy was a dream, hence his dreamy styled photo edits. For more information on booking a Northern New Jersey Newborn Photo shoot, please contact me!


Northern New Jersey Newborn Photographer

New Jersey Newborn Photographer

New Jersey Newborn Photography

Northern N.J. Newborn Photographer

Christine Wans Photography - Newborns

Newborn Photography in New Jersey

Northern N.J. Newborn Photography Session - April 2014

Lots of newborn photographers claim that there is just a small window to photograph newborns. In order to get those tricky poses of a fresh newborn, yes, the first few days of life work well. But it is not the only age that is appropriate for photographing a newborn. Yes, it may take a little more work to comfort them, or how about this - they may even be awake and content!

This little guy was 3 weeks old and was a dream :) So if you are wondering, "When is the best time to photograph a newborn?", the answer simply varies. This little guy slept well after a bit of feeding, but was less inclined to curl in his legs or arms. Can you blame him?

Newborn Baby Bonnet courtesy of Natural Newborn Knits on Etsy.

Northern New Jersey Maternity Photographer - August 2013

Take a look at this lovely couple. They really were lovely - I do not just say that. Expecting their first child in October, they informed me that a boy was on the way. All babies are wonderful, but I do have a soft spot for newborn boys. * You can see their  NEWBORN photos here!

NJ Maternity Photographer

Northern New Jersey Newborn Photographer - January 2014

This little guy is my first newborn for 2014! The new year is always a breathe of fresh air as it allows us to move forward with new goals and dreams. My goals for 2014 are to be more organized!! Is that even possible? Since I work out of my home(that is already a small pace), I love reading different ideas on how to be creative with the space I already have. I really love HGTV for new ideas and inspiration! Where do you find your inspiration?

This year I have a bunch of new projects I am working on ;) For now take a peek at a new life below. He was wide awake, but very happy and calm.

NJ Newborn Photographer Christine Wans Photography

NJ Newborn Photographer

Northern N.J. Newborn Photographer - October 2013

Photographing this little newborn boy, almost makes me want to have another baby. Like all newborns, he was sweet and made the most adorable newborn sounds while he was sleeping :) When I have a sessions like this, I feel lucky to get my newborn snuggles in between shots. It puts my biological clock in its place!

Spring if coming and that means more baby fever! I love this particular article on 'Baby Fever' in TIME magazine. Did you know men get it too?