Spring is here!.....?.....maybe on its way?

  There is no doubt that this past winter has been brutal on everyone. Not only have the children suffered major cabin fever, but their parents, eh hem, yours truly, are exhausted. The sun has shown its face, yet there is still a brutal wind that accompanies it on most days. As I type I am watching the trees sway viciously back and forth, while my rose plants look like they will blow off the balcony. The weather is completely out of control!

So we wait. We will wait for the warmth. We can wait for the wind to cease, the sun to shine and the cicada bugs to buzz. Because in my book, that means summer! Maybe we will just skip right over spring!

While we wait I updated my Facebook banner with a newborn theme. There have been a ton of babies born lately and this makes me think Spring. What do you think? You can see it below or here at Christine Wans Photography Facebook Page!