When I grow up

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As a child I always had a camera. My first Camera was a Kodak Instamatic. I took it everywhere. Whether my parents knew it or not, this was what began my early journey in photography.

I often get people asking, "so what got you into photography?" or "since when have you liked taking pictures?"

For those of use who share this love and passion for a camera enables, we know it is not just that simple.  Actually, I don't even refer to what I do as taking pictures. I like  to think of it as capturing moments. Sounds cliche, right? It is to an extent, but mostly true.

When I see something, I imagine what it would look like frozen. For instance when I see a scene at the beach my mind instantly freezes the participants and an image forms in my mind. Sometimes it is in color but mostly in black and white. Strange right?

So here I am 25 years later, a mother, wife and adult woman. I have had many "real jobs" and a few fake ones, and now I am taking on my biggest challenge. I have started my on photography business. While it seems like I am a very small fish in a large sea of "homemade photographers", this is what I was meant to do. Nothing will stop me.

No more Instamatic for me, but I shoot with a Canon DSLR. When Clients or friends ask the same questions as to how I got into photography, I usually put the camera in front of my face and smile without even answering the question :)