Every woman should have a Boudoir shoot

Final-10Every woman wants to be photographed in their undies, right? Well some women do, but think it is a far-fetched idea that would never happen. But why?

Like most things in society, there is still a taboo attached to this kind of photography. A woman in sultry poses and sexy lingerie still unfortunately gets a bad rap, even if the photos are strictly meant for her partner's eyes - even just for herself.

However, many women find a boudoir style photo shoot empowering. Yes, I said empowering. It allows a woman to let her guard down and imagine herself as beautiful as she truly is. Stepping out of the yoga pants and Uggs and into something lacy can be very satisfying for even the most timid woman.

Particularly after becoming a mother, women lose themselves. Actually we lose everything. We lose our freedom, our pre-baby bodies, our husbands, our homes....the list goes on and on.

Of course children become the focus - and rightfully so. We love them, adore them and dedicate ourselves entirely to them. But what about us? Do you buy that amazing shampoo your hairdresser uses or opt for whatever your child is screaming for because you know it will bring the brightest and most delightful smile across their face?

This is just one of the many sacrifices we make. SO why not find ourselves as women again? Because that would mean shaving, losing 25 lbs. and finding a babysitter who will give you some money to pay the photographer.

I get it, it is hard to make the time, money and option available. But the next time you stress what to get your husband or partner for their birthday, think how nice a little black box of private photos would be in their nightstand drawer. Ok, if you have kids of walking age,then the photos should be hidden in a very safe place.

Consider it, because even the woman who feels the most unattractive is someone's true love whether they are laced with stretch marks or an extra saddle bag or two.